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  1. What is MemeSpeaker.com

    MemeSpeak is an avatar-based social network for mobile and PC users, enabling users to upload and share talking avatars with mobile devices and PC on a global basis. Avatar Conversations are connected to each other through the use of “memes”. A Meme is an idea, style or action which spreads, often as mimicry, from person to person via the Internet, as with imitating the concept. A meme can be considered a mimicked theme, including simple phrases or gestures. An Internet meme may take the form of a word or phrase, including an intentional misspelling.. These small movements tend to spread from person to person via social networks, blogs, direct email, or news sources. They may relate to various existing Internet cultures.
    The MemeSpeak website is programmed in Unicode to display and accept characters of Asian and European languages. The website will display in the native language of a mobile user and the user can enter tags/memes in their own language when creating an animation. Memespeak also creates hashtags of the tags the user enters during animation creation to make the animations searchable by hashtags on popular social networks.
  2. How does MemeSpeak differ from social network sites like YouTube, Twitter or Face book?

    MemeSpeak is designed to create talking Avatars for other social network website, like Facebook or Twitter, to replace textual blogging. Thematically related Conversations or MemeSpeak can be renewed at any time on Twitter and Facebook accounts by using these Avatars.
    MemeSpeak allows users to create their own avatar-based conversation from simple text uploads, either on the PC or on any mobile device with a browser. Other users and stream them to mobile from popular social networks websites. MemeSpeak avatar dialogues can be in many languages – English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, Russian, Hindi, Indonesia, Vietnamese, Czech, Arabic (male voice), Turkish and Greek (male voice) – from text or characters in these languages. The Upload interface is very easy to use and “emotions” can be introduced to dialogue uploads.
    Like Face book or Twitter, however, each user can have their own private Group and selection of viewers of their content.
  3. What is the idea behind MemeSpeak?

    To dramatize meme-related discussions with anyone about anything. MemeSpeak realizes a dream of enabling anyone to create characters, representing themselves and others, and stream them to millions of cell phones, IPhones, Android, Tablets and other handset with a web browser.
    MemeSpeak conversational Bots are platform and operating system independent. As streams, they are virtual and can available, on-demand, as long as the user/creator wants them to be.
  4. What makes MemeSpeak different & unique?

    MemeSpeak allows any device with a browser to upload text messages to create talking animated bots, which can be streamed to PCs, iPhones and Android handsets and can be shared on any social network..Facebook, Twitter and sent as messages in KiK, WhatsAPP, WeChat.
  5. How does MemeSpeak work

    MemeSpeak allows members to select head avatars and upload text to the “head” to create talking animations.
    Depending on whether the Group is open to others, MemeSpeak can also be used as respondents in a blog.
    The animations are then stored on our servers and made searchable and available for playback on mobile devices.
    MEMESPEAK lists are created and updated dynamically using the conversation button. Conversations are shared on social networks and blogs.

    ***The MEMESPEAK interface is invoked after a “head” is shared on a social network.
  6. Is MemeSpeak free?

    MemeSpeak is a virtual goods animation creation system which charges micropayments for user created animation features.

  7. Do I need a special cell phone to use MemeSpeak?

    MemeSpeak is supported on iPhones and Android handsets with mobile apps on Apple’s App Store and Google Play. All of the functionality on the MemeSpeaker.com website runs in the browser of these handsets, including video streaming of animations.
  8. Do I need a special wireless rate package to use MemeSpeak?

    No. Any normal data plan that you have with your Smartphone or IPhone, etc. will cover the cost of streaming the animations.
  9. Is MemeSpeak technology really accessible on any wireless network?

    Yes, in essence, watching MemeSpeak “videos” is somewhat like downloading an image file – 200-400kbytes.
  10. Is there any ability to interact with MemeSpeak media on my iphone, android, cell phone?

    You can upload text for animations from any handset with a browser. Search and playback of media on MemeSpeak.are limited to iphones, android handsets supporting flash and tablets – ipad, etc...
  11. Can I really watch my avatars or anything else on MemeSpeak from anywhere in the world with my cell phone?

    Wherever your cell phone or Smartphone works outside of your local area, you should be able to operate MemeSpeak. For instance, a user in New York with a cell phone on a GSM/GPRS network traveling to Rome, Delhi or Beijing will be able to run MemeSpeak and access all content as if they were at home. Similarly, anyone posting video to MemeSpeak on the Internet can share their animations with any other member of MemeSpeak and any members of their social network groups. The MemeSpeak website will appear in the language specific to your country.
  12. Can I share my videos on Facebook , Twitter or YouTube?

    Yes you can. Video links can be shared on Facebook and Twitter, any other social network, blogs and WhatsAPP (mobile browsers only).
  13. Will wireless carriers place restrictions on using MemeSpeak?

    They can't prevent the avatar animations creation through text upload if the user’s handset has Internet browsing capabilities. Otherwise, avatar movies will stream to the iphone, ipad and any platform that supports flash steaming from the website or any social network. There is no telecom network restrictions on this streaming.
  14. Will everyone see my content, or can I have personal groups?

    Users of MemeSpeak will be able to create private groups so that media can be shared only within that group. Specifically, groups can be created for either restricting uploads or viewing, and the general public can be included in the viewer group if desired. Group content links can, of course, be uploaded to any Twitter, Facebook, or other social network account and will be viewable by the users who can view the contents of that account.
  15. How do I find and access media on MemeSpeak using my cell phone?

    Either browse to the MemeSpeaker.com website with your IPhone, tablet or Android Phone (or Flash playing handset), or browse/search the content of MemeSpeaker.com with any other handset to upload text for animations.
  16. Does MemeSpeak own the content after its uploaded?

    By uploading text for animation, you grant license to disseminate and distribute such media through the privacy controls that you use assign to your content. Also, certain animation processes are proprietary and will be submitted for patenting.
  17. Will MemeSpeak censor or restrict content?

    It is not our place to act as censors for private individuals or corporations who desire to share multimedia content with other users. However, material posted to MemeSpeak that is illegal,or considered offensive, or creates a safety/security risk, or is subject to copyright/ownership issues can be removed at our discretion. MemeSpeak users must abide by the terms of use, which includes minimum age requirements.
  18. Do I have to sign up for a MemeSpeak account?

    In order to upload your media or stream it to your handset, you will have to become a member of MemeSpeak. Sign-up is quick and easy, and allows you to access various features.
  19. Can corporations use MemeSpeak?

    MemeSpeak can support separate, secure portals especially useful for corporations who wish to use the system for internal social media on mobile.
E-Mail: info@memespeaker.com
Web: www.MemeSpeaker.com

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